Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WHAT'S HAPPENING WEDNESDAYS: January 22nd - January 29th

Every week, Musings will highlight museum and art related events taking place in Toronto. Here are a few of interest:

Date: Extended to February 2nd, 2014
What: Developed by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, this educational exhibition was created to mark the ten year anniversary of the devastating looting of The National Museum of Iraq in 2003, during the war. Numerous priceless artifacts and records that trace one of the oldest ancient cultures were stolen or destroyed. While this exhibit contains no artifacts, affecting images and text communicate the tragic effects of war and the threat in which Iraq continues to face.

U.S. tank outside The National Museum of Iraq with gaping hole in fa├žade.

When: January 29th - April 11th, 2014
What: The life of Ichimaru (1906-1997), one of the most famous geishas of all time, is traced through exquisite kimonos and other personal items. After leaving geishahood, she became a successful recording artist who combined the illustrious practice of her past with her musical endeavours.

Date: January 14th - March 8th, 2014
What: Lutz Dille, a German documentary filmmaker and photojournalist, landed in Toronto in 1951. Throughout the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s he documented the gritty streets of the city and its colourful residents. His jarring black and white photographs expose random, expressive, and candid moments in city life. 

"A pair of spectators at the woodbine racetrack", 1956


  1. SO JAZZED ABOUT THE ICHIMARU EXHIBIT! Kimonos showcase some of the most beautiful fabrics. Why didn't I know about this before??

  2. Yes, it's very exciting! Kimonos are incredible works of art!

  3. I echo Alex! This exhibition will get to the top of my (very) long list of exhibitions to see. Thanks for posting, Jaime!

  4. My pleasure! We'll have to get Brittney to write a review!

  5. I cannot WAIT to go to the kimono exhibit. It looks amazing. And I'd love to write a review for it :) Thanks for the heads up about it Jaime!