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Hello and welcome to Wednesday everyone! At this point of the week most of us are looking for a shred of hope on the horizon that will coax us towards the weekend without resorting to committing grievous bodily harm on our friends and colleagues. As always, Musings will save you and those you love from that scenario. Tell your parole officer that you're safe for at least another week; there is plenty happening in the city to keep you occupied. Here's an idea of what you have to look forward to in the next seven days.

For our hardcore intellectual readers (I hear "nerd" is not politically correct anymore), the AGO is a running an event this evening that may be of interest to you. From 7-8:30 pm in Baillie Court the gallery is hosting Hugo Chapman, the curator for Italian Drawings at the British Museum, for a talk on the sketches and drawings of Michelangelo and what these works can reveal about the artist himself.

Sketch by Michelangelo showing the face of a young person in profile.
Admittedly this Michelangelo fella was rather good at drawing people.

The event will allow you to interact with a curator from a globally-renowned institution, and will also give you the opportunity to see sketches by Michelangelo from the AGO's own collection. Tickets can be bought here and will cost you $10 for a student, or $15 if you are a member of the public.

However, if you want to meld your interests in museums and cultural institutions with an appreciation for drinking and street food, there is only one place to be this week: Friday Night Live at the ROM. For this Friday, October 17th, the theme for the evening is Africa Alive! which will emphasize the ROM's collections from Africa. Activities include talks by curators from the World Cultures and Palaeontology departments, live musical and dance performances from Toronto based African artists, and a wide assortment of food like perogies...I admit the theme unravels a bit there, but who doesn't like perogies?

A man with dreadlocks plays a guitar.
Adrian X is going to be there performing on the guitar, and apparently he produces music for some guy called Drake?

Tickets will cost you $10 as a student or $12 as an adult and can be bought here. Doors open at 7pm and the museum closes at 11pm.

Finally, for those of you out there who enjoy making things, the Bata Shoe Museum is running a unique workshop this Sunday, October 19th from noon-4 pm. In conjunction with their exhibit Fashion Victims: The Pleasures and Perils of Dress in the 19th Century, the museum is running a DIY workshop in which you can make your own 19th Century fascinator with a 21st Century twist.

A handmade fascinator made of pearls and black lace.
It's so beautiful, it's like looking into the sun. Plus you would really be the talk of the town wearing this to a party.

Now the price is a little steep at $50, however it includes materials, admission to the museum, and a tour of the exhibit itself. Plus you get to keep what you make! Tickets can be bought here.

So whether you want to create some fancy headgear or eat perogies with a museum curator there is plenty for you to do this week. Hope you enjoy yourselves!

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