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It's that time of the year where everyone is increasingly stressed about work and compensates by loading up their already caffeinated beverages with obscene amounts of pumpkin flavouring. My advice to you is the following. First, have some self control and step away from the Pumpkin Spice Latte; they make people even more jittery and irritable than normal. Second, read this blog about what you can get up to in the city this coming week. It might not calm you down, but it will probably distract you long enough to stop you from drowning some poor unfortunate foodstuff in pumpkin flavouring. 

Now as some of you may be aware, this Friday is Halloween, one of our most beloved faux-holidays. As such, many cultural institutions are jumping on this heathen bandwagon and running Halloween themed events. One example of this is at Colborne Lodge, run by the City of Toronto and located in High Park, who are running a haunted walk. The walk takes place within the 1830's lodge itself and the surrounding grounds.

A black and white photograph of a historic house in a park setting.
Colborne Lodge in High Park. Black and white pictures make everything look scarier.
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Admission includes the requisite ghost stories as well as period-accurate refreshments. The tours are occurring on October 30th and 31st from 7-8:30, and cost $17.50. Further information can be found here.

Now if spooky stories or gorging yourself on an obscene amount of candy (the point of Halloween) isn't your style, I have you covered. This Thursday, Montgomery's Inn (a small community museum in the west end of the city) is running their monthly Thirsty Thursday event. The event is set in their original 1847 barroom, and includes live music, a cash bar, bowls of traditional Irish stew for $5, and FREE admission. 

A historic stone house on a sunny day with a plaque outside of the main entrance.
A little known site in the city that is well worth a visit. Did I mention it's FREE! Also you cannot resist the siren song of beer and $5 stew on a cold fall evening.
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The museum itself is a short walk from Islington TTC station, and further information about the event and the museum can be found here.

Now it is also worth pointing out that the ROM is also running a special Halloween Friday Night Live this week for the same price as a regular FNL event. Even more exciting is that the Museum Studies Student Association (MUSSA) is going to FNL this Friday (in costume I might add)! These are the events that Museum Studies students live for, so act quickly. You can find more details and RSVP here.

Having been to FNL on Halloween (and at other times), I can assure you it is a fantastic night out. My only warning is to make sure there is no incriminating evidence of you having too much fun...

A young man makes an ill-advised facial expression at the camera while on a dancefloor in a museum.
Look upon this and despair. Also, please note this picture does not reflect my actual personality.
Original source: Meaghan Dalby 
Either way, I wish you all an enjoyable week, spooky or not. See you next time!

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