Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Good morning faceless internet readers! I trust you all had an enjoyable and relaxing break, and that you managed to avoid the stressful situations unique to large family gatherings.

I realise that now that the holidays are over, your time is no longer punctuated by a steady stream of celebratory events that largely revolve around eating obscene amounts of food. As a result you are likely directionless; adrift in a sea of free time with only your doughy post-holiday physique to comfort you. With that in mind, I am here to get you off the couch and into the world of cultural heritage with some exciting (and cerebral) events happening this week!

First off, we have the Museology and Cultural Theory Colloquium happening today (January 7th) at noon in room 538 of the Bissell building. The event features three presenters, Katie Methot, Robin Nelson, and Nicole Ritchie, all of whom are in their second year of the MMSt program. The colloquium allows us to get a sneak preview into the beginnings of several thesis projects to be completed this year. The event is open to anyone in the iSchool community and includes free pizza (while supplies last)! I encourage anyone to attend if they have the time. All three presenters have spent a considerable amount of time and effort researching their chosen subject matter and are worthy of your support!

This week also marks your last chance to see Michelangelo: Quest for Genius at the AGO. The show ends on Sunday January 11th and centres on 29 drawings from the private collection of the artist himself. As it is the closing days of the show, don't come crying to me if it is exceptionally busy in the galleries.

Self portrait of Michelangelo giving a disapproving look to the viewer.
"Can you not?"
The exact look Michelangelo would give to people who wait until the last minute to see a museum exhibit and then complain about how long the line is.
Tickets can be purchased online via the AGO website here. An adult ticket will cost you $25, whereas a student ticket is $16.50, and includes general admission to the rest of the gallery. If you are feeling particularly lazy however, you can also view an online version of the exhibit here.

I hope these events help start you in the right direction for the beginning of 2015 and that you all have an enjoyable week. I look forward to hearing about how well all of your new years resolutions are coming along in my next post!

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