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Hello, and welcome to Wednesday everyone!  How exciting is it now that Reading Week is almost upon us?  At this point in the week, some of us are probably in denial about our coursework and are looking for some happenings in the city.  Well, look no further because I have one lecture happening today at the iSchool and another event happening later in the week/month at the ROM.

To celebrate Black History month at the University of Toronto, Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost (Senior Research Fellow for African Canadian History ) will be talking about her contributions to the exhibition Freedom City: Uncovering Toronto's Black History.

Blackburn Site Toronto
The Thornton Blackburn House Site
For a bit of background: In 1985, Dr. Frost discovered the first Underground Railroad site ever dug in Canada.  The remains of the home of Thornton and Lucie Blackburn - fugitive slaves from Kentucky who started Toronto's first taxi business - lay buried under the pavement of the old Sackville Street School, just north of the Distillery District.  Dr. Frost's discovery inspired her to devote her career to uncovering the elusive clues to our rich African Canadian heritage.  The new exhibition, Freedom City, that just opened at the TD Gallery of the Toronto Reference Library, is based on her research and her 2007 publication.

The lecture, "Digging for History: Toronto and the Underground Railroad," will be held tomorrow from 5 - 7 pm in Bissell 728.  Refreshments will be provided.  Freedom City is on exhibit until March 29th.


Ever wanted to be a detective?  Let me put on my Sherlock cap and say that I adore a good mystery!  After having attended a Hitchcockian-styled murder mystery dinner theatre the other week, I want to try my luck again at solving another mystery.  And how fitting does this sound: A murder mystery at the Royal Ontario Museum?!?  If I have you interested, then gather your friends and participate in the solving of these wonderful, hilarious whodunits:


A curator has been murdered and a trail of clues left behind, connected to secrets in the collections.  As you solve clues, you will begin to piece together a tale of greed, lust, pride and revenge.  There are multiple suspects, one victim and you, the sleuths, must crack a cryptic code left in the curator’s appointment book to solve the mystery.  *Please note: All February dates are sold out, but there is still wiggle-room through the wait lists.

ROM at dusk
Just because we are adults, does not mean we have to abandon the amusements of our youths!


A rare Incan mummy has been found and the night it was to be unveiled at the ROM, its finder was murdered.  You are on the trail of the killer, but there are only two hours to solve the crime.  Was it the jealous rival?  The brilliant wife?  Or was it the mummy’s curse?  Join the crew of detectives and sleuths to find out the truth.  *Please note: Not all February dates have sold out!

An Incan temple
The rumor of an ancient curse won't stop some would-be sleuths!
These scavenger hunts take approximately 2.5 hours, with some additional time beforehand for waiver-signing and instructions, and afterwards for tallying the scores.  After your adventures, use your museum admission to explore more of the ROM's collections.  Bonus points are given for most creative team name, so start thinking!

*Please note: "Murder at the ROM" and "The Mummy's Curse" are not associated with the ROM.  Tickets must be purchased in advance at Urban Capers.  

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