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If you are reading this I assume you are the sole survivor of our recent frigid temperatures. To reward you (and ensure your continued survival), Musings has curated some indoor activities for you this coming week. That being said, if you do get frostbite in transit to one of these events, Musings assumes no responsibility for any adverse health related issues.

First up we have an event that will simultaneously get you in the mood for spring, whilst allowing you to sit in front of a wood fire and soak in the ambiance (such as smoke inhalation) associated with that particular activity. This coming Saturday February 21st, Fort York is hosting their annual Mad for Marmalade event between 10am-4pm in the historic kitchen. This particular activity is for all of the foodies out there; perks include a citrus themed lunch, as well as the opportunity to attend various workshops and the option to buy various homemade preserves using historic recipes.

Various marmalades and cake is laid out on a table with awards.
All of this deliciousness if withing your grasp.
If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you can even enter the marmalade making competition for a chance to win prizes. Or you could just be a freeloader and eat a bunch of what everyone else makes; the choice is yours. Pre-registration is required and will cost you $56; further information and registration options can be found here. From prior experience, I suggest stocking up on the preserves on offer as you won't find anything half as good anywhere else in the city.

Also happening this week is the opening of a new combined exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum. Both exhibitions showcase works from the Howard Hodgkin collection of Indian art housed at the Ashmolean Museum. The first, Visions of Mughal India, exhibits historic paintings and portraits from the Mughal court, Deccan Sultans, and the Rajput kingdoms. The second, Inspired by India, showcases the contemporary works of Howard Hodgkin himself which are inspired by the artists' time in India and his passion for Indian art.

Cameo profile of Maharaja Bakhat Singh from an Indian painting.
Maharaja Bakhat Singh has a considerably more impressive moustache and sideburns than you ever will.
The exhibits run jointly from February 21st-June 21st and are included with the cost of general admission ($20 for adults or $15 for students). Further information about the artist and the paintings can be found here.

Finally, happening at our very own iSchool on February 23rd is a talk by Professor Jon Ippolito from the Digital Curation Institute (DCI). As part of the DCI's 2015 lecture series, Prof. Ippolito is speaking about digital preservation and the search for renewable culture. The lecture will include a question and answer period moderated by the Director of Museum Studies at the iSchool, Prof. Costis Dallas.

Banner ad for DCI lecture at U of T
I'm hoping Prof. Ippolito wears his leather jacket to the discussion.
The lecture will take place between noon-1:30pm in room 728 of the Bissell building and entry is free. Further information can be found about the event here.

Whether it be enjoying artistic depictions of fantastic facial hair, eating unreasonable amounts of jam, or bettering your academic side, Musings has plenty of events for you to enjoy. Now go forth and learn something new!

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