Tuesday, 4 August 2015



As I write this article, July has quickly coming to a close with a rush of heat and the golden, ripe summer days of August await us. This also means that September and the beginning of another academic year are right around the corner. Every member of the Musings team has taken part in an internship or other museum work this summer, including myself; most will be finishing their respective projects in the next week or so and have a blissful month free from academic concerns ahead of them.

Me at my desk on the last day of my internship at the Bytown Museum. Photo Credit: Corrie Bouskill

It has become a tradition for Musings to take a summer break, so for the month of August before we all meet for another year of learning at the Faculty of Information, the blog will be on hiatus. Everyone deserves a chance to recharge, and Musings' contributors have certainly earned it after producing a dazzling array of summer content. It never fails to amaze me what wonderful, dedicated writers this blog has - they should all be very proud of the work they do! Here are some of the many articles that got readers talking:

1. Change is the Only Constant in Life - And in Museum Studies
Internship Check-In by Madeleine Adamson

2. Roman Cuisine: Feasting in Museums
Historic Kitchen by Leah Moncada

3. The Involved Grad Student
The Grad School Guide by Jenny Ford

I'm so looking forward to getting back to writing with Musings' team of contributors, which will be augmented by a fresh group of first-year students. Incoming MMSters: please stay tuned for an announcement about our autumn meeting. We will be sending you all an email via your University of Toronto email accounts as well as posting information about the meeting on our Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to like and follow us in order to stay in the loop if you are interested in becoming a contributing editor.

I wish everyone - readers and contributors alike - a happy summer wherever you may be and hope that your days are filled with sun, good memories, lots of museum visits. Take care!


  1. Dear Musings team, it has been a pleasure to read about your internship experiences, culinary adventures, ruminations on graduate life and other exciting stories over the summer! Thank you for keeping us informed and entertained and I look forward to a new year's worth of digital content! Congratulations for making musings into a fantastic read! And happy August to you all.

    1. Thank you for your warm words and loyal support, Professor Mihalache. Enjoy the rest of you summer as well!