Wednesday, 23 September 2015




Welcome to Greatest Hits! Greatest Hits articles look at blog posts from the Musings' archives, with the objective of resurrecting interesting posts from the past. This week, Brittney Sproule's article really got me thinking...

Brittney Sproule was lucky enough to have been able to visit the exhibit Bon Appétit: Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian. I am lucky enough to be able to live vicariously through her Musings blog post.

Sproule wrote about the famous cook Julia Child, a woman that I had come to admire through the slightly cheesy 2009 film: Julie & Julia.

Film choices aside, I was shocked to learn that the Smithsonian exhibit was an exact model of Julia Child's kitchen. Visitors could walk through the exhibit, just as Julia Child would have walked through her own kitchen. In addition, images of the kitchen were placed online, for everyone to see. All I could think of was: "that's brave." I don't know if I would want a room from my house to be displayed for the world to see, especially considering the fact that I have a terrible habit of forgetting where I put things. Seriously: I can have multiple cups of water scattered around the house and not even realize it. If my house was replicated for a museum, I am pretty sure they would think I was the girl from the movie Signs, who used water cups to fight aliens.


Am I alone in this one? Would you want a room in your house to be on display for all to see? Or do you prefer to keep the home private?


  1. Great first post Hayley! This makes me think of a recreated room at the Museum of History based on a Cornelius Krieghoff painting called 'An Officers Room '. It also makes me think of the Crazy Kitchen at the Museum of science and technology. Walking through a recreated room is an excellent way to feel a connection with someone, especially one who touched so many lives. In Eisenach, Germany, people can visit Martin Luther's room in the Wartburg castle. In that context add well as those who go to see Julia Child's recreated kitchen , going is a sort of pilgrimage. Does that make the kitchen a shrine, or an art installation, or an exhibit, or all three, or more?
    Also, do you know if the space uses smell or audio for a more in-depth experience?

    1. Hi Stephanie! You raise some awesome questions and examples of rooms being used as an exhibit! I have been to the Ottawa Science and Technology Museum but I wasn't brave enough to go into the Crazy Kitchen exhibit! I am not sure if Bon Appétit: Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian used smells, but there were audio and video components in the exhibition. Thanks for commenting!