21 October 2015




Looking through Musings' archives, it is interesting to see which articles were popular amongst the readers.  Blog posts (find an example here about the 2015 Ottawa trip) dedicated to the class trips, including fundraising for the trips were always popular.  Even back in 2013, the bake sale fundraising post for the 2014 Washington trip gained a lot of internet action.

This gets me really excited because just last week, MUSSA - the Museum Studies Student Association - announced the plans for the 2015/2016 school trip. I was really curious about what MUSSA had planned this year.   All I wanted to know was: where are we going? Would we be going to Ottawa or Washington as in previous years? 

The waiting paid off because this year MUSSA surprised everyone and planed not one, not two, but three fantastic trips.  To top it off, two of the trips are free!

If you missed the meeting, and want more information the MUSSA website has all the wonderful details.  

Hope to see you all on these museum adventures.


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