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Welcome to Wednesday! I know everyone is gearing up for their holidays, but that’s no reason not to take in the excellent museum related events happening this week and celebrate the end of a successful semester with your peers. Without further ado:

1.) For those of you who took MSL 2240, The Photographic Record this semester, check out Taryn Simon’s artist talk which is part of the Canadian Art Encounter Series, hosted by Canadian Art Magazine. Simon’s work tackles the circulation and production of information. Tickets to this event are a little pricey at $20 but so worth it. The talk itself takes place at 7:30 on December 11th at Innis Town Hall.

Come see Taryn Simon discuss her work at Innis Town Hall (source)

2.) Also happening December 11th, is MUSSA's MMSt Christmas Party and visit to Spadina Museum for a Roaring Twenties Christmas with MUSSA. The visit to Spadina Museum starts at 2 pm and includes a tour, cider and cookies! The Spadina Museum tour costs $8.85 - have a look at the Facebook event here. After the tour, sidle up to the bar at Victory Cafe for the MMSt Christmas party. Victory Cafe is located at 581 Markham Street, Toronto. The party starts at 8pm, and you can check out the Facebook event here.

Come for a tour and treats at the Spadina Museum! (source)

3.) From 630pm to 930pm on Wednesday December 9 (TODAY!), the MMSt Curating Science course, taught by Professor Hooley McLaughlin, will be holding their end of term poster session in BL 728 at the iSchool. Students will be sharing their final research projects with each other, other MMSt students, and the broader iSchool community. Friends and family are more than welcome. The room will be set up in a series of unique displays created by each student, and the wide array of chosen topics range from the science of nostalgia to the destruction of archaeological sites. Wander around and ask questions or participate in some of the interactive components of the projects. We promise you will learn something new and come away with a greater understanding of what it means to curate science!

One of last year's Curating Science Posters (photo source: Faculty of Information)

4.) Visit the 12 Trees exhibition going on at the Gardiner Museum! Each year, 12 Trees of Christmas asks 12 contemporary artists to re-imagine Christmas trees using a variety of media. This festive installation will be on display during the holiday season until January 3rd, 2016.

Check out 12 exciting trees at the Gardiner this holiday season! (source)

5.)  I know a lot of Musings readers are knitters, and The Canadian War Museum has a project called Awesome Yarn that combines museum practice with knitting! For their exhibition titled World War Women, The Canadian War Museum is requesting the public send in knitted items to be donated to organizations that need them. During the 2 world wars, Canadians supported the troops by knitting clothing items that were desperately needed on the war front. Everyone can participate and send in knit things from across Canada.  The museum's goal is to to fill a WWI supply wagon, and the deadline has been extended to January 31, 2016!

Any knitters not located in Ottawa can send their knit items to:

Sandra O’Quinn / Awesome Yarn
c/o Canadian War Museum
1 Vimy Place
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0M8

Please see the program description here on the museum's website.

Knitting for museums: the perfect pastime (source)

6.)  Lastly, come to the End of Term Celebration iTea (also TODAY!). The final iTea of this semester takes place today at 4:30-6:30 pm in room 728, 140 St. George Street. This iTea is hosted by Mike McCaffrey and will be a celebration of the end of this term! Let’s all recognize a successful term of papers, fun with friends, and studying hard for results. Tea and hors d’oeuvres. Everyone welcome.

Hope to see you there!

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