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For most of Musings' contributing team and our readers, the holidays are so close, yet so far. Students - you're almost there! Professionals - start the countdown! Retirees - enjoy the changing season!

Campbell House in downtown Toronto is looking particularly festive these days.
Source. Photo Credit: Madeline Smolarz

Musings' had a busy yet highly rewarding fall semester. We returned from our summer hiatus in September with a very well-rounded team of 18 contributors: 9 first year and 9 second year MMSt students. At our first meeting, we set a schedule of columns and everyone started to write about the topics they are most passionate about.

Nuit Blanche 2015 in Toronto was particularly exciting for Musings as we live-Instagrammed the night for the second year in a row. Nine installations made it into our feed, and we are excited to see how the all-night event evolves next year.

"Re-Collect" at OCAD during Nuit Blanche 2015.
Source. Photo Credit: Madeline Smolarz.

In November, for the first time, Musings' hosted an iTea event at the Faculty of Information, the Faculty within the University of Toronto that the MMSt program falls under. The iTea is a bi-weekly social event where food and tea is provided to guests who enjoy the hospitality of a particular host. At Musings' event, a great deal of our contributing editors were on hand to chat about their role and answer questions. We also provided delicious snacks, laptop / iPad stations to peruse the blog's nearly 400 archived articles, and a "Get to Know Us" human scavenger hunt activity. Three exciting prizes were awarded to guests who completed the game.

Musings' iTea event in full swing! Thanks to all who attended.
Source. Photo Credit: Madeline Smolarz.

Now that the semester has come to a close, Musings has started its winter hiatus. From today (December 12, 2015) until classes begin again in the new year (January 11, 2016), no posts will be published on the blog. Our hardworking editors have earned a break from their responsibilities and I hope they all take the time to rest and recharge for the second half of the academic year!

Over the next month, I encourage you to return to some of the articles you may not have read, and to revisit some of this semester's most popular ones:

(1) "Researching Rockets: Ms. Small Goes to Washington" by Emily Meikle

(2) "Runnin' Through the Six: Toronto's Black Instagram and Visual and Photography Artists" by Annissa Malvoisin

(3) "Only In Dreams: The Surrealist Dream Object" by Natania Sherman

We would like to sincerely thank our readers at the Faculty of Information and beyond (as our readers span the globe). Your continued support, encouraging words, and readership is very much appreciated. A special thank you goes to Professor Irina Mihalache, who continues to serve as Musings' faculty supervisor and constantly goes above and beyond in her role. We hope you enjoy the Christmas card slipped into your mailbox, Professor!

Professor Mihalache and I at Harbourfront Centre, exploring the exhibitions that inspired a Musings article.
Source. Photo Credit: Anya Baker.

I look forward to Musings' return on January 11 that will bring a whole new semester of interesting, intriguing, and engaging articles about everything and anything to do with museums.

However you celebrate the season, on behalf of all of Musings' editors, I wish you and your families a happy holiday and a healthy new year.

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