Monday, 21 March 2016




Time really flies.

As my time as Contributing Editor to this lovely column, I have tried to bring contemporary histories to light - emphasizing the efforts of African Canadians today as relevant and important. I hope that my personal efforts have succeeded, and that you readers enjoyed what I believe was a needed cultural update. Finally, I hope that the events and movements that I've written about have been engaged with. 

As my final post for musings I would like to shamelessly promote my upcoming group exhibition titled Common Ground: ART x BISSELL 2016. Further, I would like to highlight the lit local talent that we will be featuring, many of which are of African descent and address issues in Black communities through their work.

I am not going to give away too much information (because I want you to come to the opening of course...) but I am going to give you a brief preview of what to expect.


One of the photographic works document a specific protest against the killing of an African-American teenager. Through the artists' lens and by way of your own interpretation, you may experiences scenes of resistance during a climate of racial inequality.


Migration and Immigration

A dominant subject of works across the entirety of the exhibition, artists attempt to deal with their diverse cultural identities. From the Ivory Coast to Tanzania, artists take you on an expressive journey through their struggle, acceptance, and understanding of movement.



To understand one's Blackness independent of any type of stereotype or classification is a feat that one artist has explored in her snapshots. A diverse array of people of African descent are featured, in all of their individual glory. 


(Image Source: Camille-Mary Sharp)

If you haven't caught onto my clever little hints, the theme of the exhibition deals with experiences and views of displacement by the clique of artists featured in the show (and I've only named a few!). They've poured themselves onto a tabla rasa opening on April 7, 2016.

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It's been a pleasure.


  1. Considering the topic of my own exhibition project, which also touches upon some of the themes around displacement, I am really excited for your launch! Thank you for this great teaser and all of the work you are doing to shine the spotlight on emerging artists.

  2. Thanks Madeline! That means so much. I think that it's important to provide a platform for emerging artists, especially local ones. Of course, I'm excited for you exhibition too!!