Tuesday, 12 April 2016




Hello dedicated Musings readers, my name is Natania and I will be carrying the torch as Musings’ new Editor in Chief for 2016/2017. I have been writing the Object of the Week and What’s Happening Wednesday columns for the past six months as a contributing editor, and I am thrilled to take on this new role and bring to you more thoughtful and exciting museum related content in the upcoming academic year.

Natania Sherman, Musings Editor in Chief 2016/2017 Photo Credit: Ketzia Sherman
I’d like to wish our outgoing Editor in Chief, Madeline, who wrote her last Musings post on Saturday, the best of luck. She left me with very large shoes to fill and I’m so grateful for her guidance and advice over the past year. Madeline, your leadership, support, commitment to facilitating dialogue around museums, and willingness to answer late night texts has made working on Musings a truly special experience.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported Musings over the past year: Professor Irina Mihalache, who has been a longtime advocate of the blog, the faculty at the iSchool, our first and second year contributing editors, and you, our readers. Many of our second year columnists are moving on to exciting new roles in the museum industry, and their hard work and dedication to creating great content for Musings has raised the bar for myself and our current contributing editors. It is also time to announce our annual April hiatus, while our first year contributing editors take a much needed break. Many of us will be taking the time to travel and starting internships in institutions across Canada and abroad. We will return on Monday May 2nd, for our summer season featuring the summer specific columns: Internship Check-In and The Grad School Guide.

Internships for everyone! (Source)
Finally thank you to you, our readers. It is thanks to you that Musings is a community and not just a blog. It is your feedback and support that makes being part of the Musings team so worthwhile. Please like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter to receive the first updates when we start posting again in May. I hope that you enjoy the rest of April and that you will join us again for more amazing posts about museums this summer and in the upcoming year!


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  2. Natania, congratulations for your new job and also for starting up the summer on such a high note! Cannot wait to read news and updates over the summer! Thank you & the editorial team for such great content and creativity.

  3. Thank you Professor Mihalache! I'm very excited to take on the EIC role for Musings and I can't wait for everyone to see the amazing content that Musings contributors have planned for the summer.