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Museum objects can have an amazing effect on people.  They have the ability to connect individuals inspire them to make new meanings, and create lasting bonds.  For my last post over the summer I thought it would be fantastic to outline two touching stories of students that connected with “objects”.    

“My object is an expenditure ledger that belonged to a soldier of the First World War and was an employee of Eaton's prior to enlistment. My research is for an upcoming exhibition at Mackenzie House, "Eaton's Goes to War", which explores the corporate giant's dedication to its employees overseas as well as to the personal histories of soldiers, as told by their descendants.  This ledger is special because it is from 1914-1915, a year before Henry Roland Garneault Agassiz enlisted. He was killed in the battle of the Somme in 1917, leaving behind a wife and five children, four of which made it to adulthood. ... I spoke with the grand daughter and great grandson of Henry Ronald Garneault Agassiz, and they remembered the bravery and resourcefulness of Henry Roland Garneault's wife Eugenie and her oldest child, Alfred. Henry Ronald Garneault's expenditure ledger, which I uncovered in the archives of the city of Toronto, painstakingly records all of his expenditures, showing that he received 15 dollars a month from Eaton's. When he purchased something for his wife or children, he would write their names next to it… The artifact, which just about anyone can access and touch, is a testament to this man's love for his family and a time capsule, as he records the price of all his purchases as well as the stores he visited, many of which no longer exist.” – Stephanie, Mackenzie House.

Personal Photo Credit: Stephanie R. 
Throughout this summer, students have also discovered that it was not only objects that captured our hearts, but also animals.  The memory is described perfectly, just like the fading summer, and I can only imagine the beautiful scene:

"Merlin the Rainbow Macaw and I have been bonding through games of Peekaboo at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic" – Shanlon, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic


Although our summer will soon come to a close, we will still remember our experiences we learnt, the people we worked with and the objects we cared for.  I hope that everyone enjoys their vacation and made many memories. 

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