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As the first semester of the 2016/2017 year comes to a close and students everywhere rejoice in the thought of a well-deserved holiday, so sweeps in 2017. And with it, Canada's 150th birthday. As stated by Melanie Jolie, Minister of Canadian Heritage, "The 150th anniversary of Confederation is an opportunity for a whole generation of Canadians to come together and celebrate our accomplishments. This important step will allow us to strengthen the bonds between Canadians from all regions of the country and to build, together, a vision for our future.”

To wish our country a very happy birthday, a new community fund was announced to bring Canadians together leading up to the big day.

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What is the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program?

Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program is part of the federal government's approach to celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017.

The $150-million program was originally launched in May 2015.

In Budget 2016, the Government of Canada committed an additional $150 million over two years to renovate, expand and improve existing community and cultural infrastructure, including projects that support a better future for Indigenous peoples and advance a clean growth economy.

By doubling investments in community infrastructure across the country, the Fund supports improvements to community centres, museums, parks and arenas. 
As best described by Ian Bird, President of Community Foundations of Canada, “[The Program] is an historic moment with the power to strengthen our communities and our connection to one another. The Fund will encourage all Canadians to contribute to their communities in a way that fosters a greater sense of belonging, inclusion, and reconciliation, leaving a lasting legacy for our communities and our country.”

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How much funding is available? 

The program in southern Ontario is set to be delivered with a total allocation of up to $88.8 million over two years.
  • FedDev Ontario may contribute up to $1 million per eligible project;
  • Funding recipients may receive up to 50 percent of total eligible project costs;
  • Priority may be given to applicants requiring only 33.3 percent of total eligible project costs;
  • Priority may also be given to smaller-scoped projects to ensure broad program reach.

What's next?

The first intake was received and funding was dispersed accordingly. The second intake has closed for the 150 Fund, so no new projects will be able to submit for funding. 

With all this support going out to exciting new programs, keep an eye out in your local communities for all variety of engagement in celebration of a nation. 


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