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To celebrate my colleagues arrival in Ottawa, I have compiled a list of three museum objects that provide visitors with exciting experiences around the city. These objects let visitors claim they have completed some pretty impressive feats without breaking a sweat!  If living life on the edge was one of your 2017 resolutions (and you're slightly scared) then you should check out the following museums.  You will be able to claim to have: milked a snake, sent something into space, and become an Ottawa famous artist.

Snake Milking Station - Canadian Museum of Nature

You might not be milking an actual snake, but it is the next best thing. The Canada Museum of Nature is currently housing the travelling exhibit: Reptiles. In this exhibit, there is a snake milking interactive, where visitors can push a button and "milk" a model snake. Where else can you say you "milked" a snake in the middle of winter?

Photo Credit: Hayley Mae Jones

Cube - Canada Aviation and Space Museum

I am biased towards this object because I have been working on the Cubes in Space project at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. However, I feel that this tiny object will allow one visitor to have quite a unique experience. The museum, in partnership with the Cubes in Space program from idoodlelearning, is running a competition where one visitor will get to send their science experiment into space on a sounding rocket. That being said, the science experiment must survive 20Gs of force, and fit inside the tiny 4x4x4cm cube. 

Image Source

This tiny cube gives visitors the chance to say they have participated in scientific competitions. In addition, one visitor will have the bragging rights of sending their ideas into space! 

Artissimo Gallery - National Gallery of Canada

The Artissimo Gallery is a gallery space that display's young visitors works of art. It is amazing to think that your art works could be displayed in the same building that is showing art works done by Picasso, Alex Janvier, and Van Gogh. This can not only boost a visitor's confidence, but also show off local emerging talent. It is enough to make anyone feel like a famous artist, daring to be bold!

Whatever your 2017 resolutions, I hope you enjoy life, and live on the edge... Museum style!

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