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Throughout my journeys, I've come across past, current, and upcoming exhibits about famous films, TV series, and individuals. I'm sure there's a sociopsychological reason explaining why we, as humans, tend to have an obsession with famous things (especially since we are in post-Oscar mode). But, until then, let's indulge our senses in museums!

1. Titanic

Was there really room for Jack on that door? Maybe this museum can't answer that question, but we can potentially experience what it was like to be sailing on board the Titanic. If a group in Niagara Falls is successful in opening a museum with an exhibit Experience Titanic, visitors would be allowed to explore first and third class cabins, engine and boiler rooms, and be on deck as the "ship" simulates hitting the iceberg. The exhibit aims to achieve a truly multi-sensory experience. However, the purchase of the museum property is still in the talks, and, if all goes well, the exhibit is planned to open in spring 2018. Let's hope Niagara Falls goes through with this idea: our hearts must go on!


2. When Beauty Met Beast

If you're reading this, you just missed the Beauty and the Beast exhibit at Casa Loma. This past Family Day weekend, Toronto's Casa Loma hosted an exhibit by Walt Disney Studios Canada to celebrate the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film to be released on March 17. Visitors were able to see costumes worn by celebrities starring in the film. Although the exhibition is over, this raises an endless amount of ideas for future exhibits in Toronto about highly anticipated films and series. We've already had a glimpse of this with the immensely popular Game of Thrones exhibit in Toronto a few years ago. Just think of the possibilities!

Images from Casa Loma's Beauty and the Beast exhibit. Source

3. Hurricane Hazel

If you ever lived in Mississauga, like I have, then you definitely know of Hurricane Hazel (you probably still know of Hazel, even if you never stepped foot in Mississauga)! Hazel McCallion served as Mississauga's mayor from 1978 to 2014. The manager and curator of museums for Mississauga, Stuart Keeler, prompted the idea for an exhibition Do Your Homework: A Tribute to Hazel McCallion. The exhibit will take place between April 12 and 26 at the Great hall in Mississauga Civic Centre (plus, it's free!). Famous people don't always have to be on the big screens in Hollywood - although Hazel probably will be one day!

Bonus: artwork submissions are still being accepted! Check out more here:
 Hazel McCallion doing what she does best: being a patriotic Canadian. Source.

4. Do you believe in Monsters?

If you don't recognize the name Guillermo del Toro (why wouldn't you?!), you are surely familiar with his films. This September at the AGO, the exhibition Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters, makes its Canadian debut. The exhibition will present elements from his films, as well as objects relating to his personal collections. It will be organized into eight themes: 'Childhood and Innocence,' 'Victoriana,' 'Rain Room,' 'Magic, Alchemy, and the Occult,' 'Movies,' 'Comics and Pop Culture,' 'Frankenstein and Horror,' and lastly, 'Death and the Afterlife.' I'm most looking forward to the Victoriana theme, which can be seen in one of my favourite del Toro films, Crimson Peak.
Waiting for the upcoming del Toro exhibition. Source

5. Time to Raid!

I left my personal favourite for last: the upcoming Vikings exhibition at the ROM! Admittedly, this exhibition is not directly or overtly tied to one of my favourite TV series, Vikings. But, it is difficult to ignore the incredible increase of interest in Viking history since the TV show's growing popularity. One of the History Channel's very few history shows, Vikings, follows the legendary saga of Ragnar Lothbrok. Although the series is surely filled with historical inaccuracies, there is still much we do not know - and may never know - about Viking history. However, the TV series, as well as its complementary documentary series Real Vikings, which features actors and actresses from the series along with European scholars examining Viking sites and objects, are incredible introductions to Viking history!

Likewise, the upcoming exhibition examines the myths and stereotypes of Viking culture - perhaps some from the TV series will be dispelled?! The lifestyle, religion, and daily lives - all themes which will be explored in the exhibit - are truly fascinating aspects of Viking history, filled with myths and legends of explorers, artisans, and craftsmen. The ROM is going to offer an opportunity for visitors to view objects rarely seen outside of Scandinavian countries. Fans of the hit TV series will certainly be unable to leave their fandom at the doors of the exhibit (don't be surprised if I write a review of this exhibition come November)!

So much fame to look forward to!

Until next time,
Ragnar Lothbrok waving farewell until the release of the Viking exhibition. Source.


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