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For the MMSters who are reading this, I hope you had a productive reading week and that you are well prepared for the upcoming onslaught of projects (i.e. you didn't binge watch nature documentaries and ignore your responsibilities as an adult). If you're already working in the field, the past week was likely the status-quo for you. Congratulations, you spent another week with your hopes and dreams receding imperceptibly into the past, with the drudgery of your 9-5 job as a backdrop. Don't worry though, no matter which of the above groups you belong to, Musings will comfort you!

First up there is an exciting exhibit at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. On now until January 25th, TIFF is hosting Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition, which includes photographs and letters, original props and costumes, screenplays, and other ephemera from the career of the distinguished film maker. Even more exciting however, is that TIFF is showing movies spanning Kubrick's career throughout the run of the exhibit. On November 13th they are showing his happy-go-lucky 1987 classic Full Metal Jacket. Told you I would cheer you up!

Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey pointing and yelling at the viewer

Tickets solely for the exhibit can be purchased for $12.50. Film and exhibition combos can be bought for $20. Further information on the exhibit and films, as well as further ticket information can be found here.

Changing gears drastically now to Islamic art. This week is your last chance to see In Search of the Artist, a temporary exhibit at the Aga Khan Museum. This particular exhibit showcases Islamic art from Iran, India, and Central Asia between the 15th and 17th centuries. The main idea is that a visitor will be able to walk out of the exhibit and be able to name influential artists from the Muslim world while also having a greater appreciation for Islamic art. A highlight is the Court of Keyomars, a folio from an early 16th century Persian book of kings known as the Shah-Nameh, and widely considered one of the finest examples of Islamic art anywhere.

The Court of Keyomars, a 16th century Persian miniature painting from the Shah-Nameh
This picture does not even come close to doing this painting justice; all the more reason you should go see it in person.

The exhibit ends on Sunday November 16th so catch it while you still can! Entry to the museum is $20 and includes access to both the permanent and temporary galleries. For an extra $10 you can receive a guided tour from one of the talented and handsome guides (i.e. myself and a few other select MMSt students). Further information about the exhibit can be found here.

I hope this sufficiently equips all of you with enough cultural activities for the week, and I wish all of you the best of luck with work. Until next time!

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