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Welcome to my final instalment of Alumni Check-in! Today we are chatting with Jenna Rose, who currently works at Canada’s National Ballet School here in Toronto.

When did you graduate?
I graduated in 2012.

What did you enjoy most about the Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) program?

The program provides so many opportunities to connect with museum professionals in Toronto. Between the Internship Class, Exhibition Course, Museum and Their Publics, and generosity of the professors in introducing students to colleagues, there is no shortage of opportunities to gain valuable professional (and general life) experience.

Where are you now?
I now work at Canada’s National Ballet School as the Manager of Strategic Initiatives. I project manage our Sharing Dance Program (the flagship community outreach initiative of the School) which means I get to do a bit of everything: fundraising (especially grants), community outreach, partner development and stewardship, event planning, budgeting, a bit of communications, and of course dancing. I really love my job!

The 2017 Sharing Dance routine. Learn it and dance on June 2

Does your degree serve you well in your current job? 
Yes – 100%! Arts and culture institutions are all trying to do the same thing – engage communities, provide an enriching and rewarding experience for communities, foster dialogue and collaboration. Instead of trying to engage visitors in a collection, we at NBS try to engage as many people in Canada in healthy and fun dance activities. There are many, many parallels.

Do you have any advice for current MMSt students?
Take deep breaths – I know it is nearing the end of the term and things are stressful, so take a deep breath :)
I advise you all to keep an open mind about the program, and your career path. Amazing opportunities may come up when you least expect it, in places you least expect.

Is there anything you wish you had done while you were in the program?
Spent more time exploring the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library – I never made the time and I wish I did.

Who would you like to see featured in this column next?
It would be neat to hear from a grad from the '70s or '80s before it became the program we are most familiar with today. It would be interesting to hear what has changed and what remains the same.

Thank you to Jenna for agreeing to participate! Please post any questions for her in the comments below and I will be sure to pass them on.

I look forward to seeing where the next editor of this column takes us, stay tuned!

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