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Hello Musings readers! My name is Serena Ypelaar and I’m delighted to introduce myself as Musings’ incoming Editor-in-Chief for 2017/2018.

Some of you may know me as a Contributing Editor for the Throwback Thursday column. I have immensely enjoyed writing about history and museums this past year, and I’m blessed to have been given such a wonderful opportunity. Writing for Musings has been a highlight of my MMSt experience thus far, and I’m excited to be taking the reins as we move into our next academic year.
Serena Ypelaar, Musings Editor in Chief 2017/2018. Photo credit: Alison Ypelaar
I love sharing ideas about museums via the written word, and I believe that’s what makes Musings so outstanding. Our blog's readership has expanded across the globe, and my fellow writers consistently produce insightful articles on exciting developments in the museum world.

I would like to thank our outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Natania Sherman, for her exceptional leadership and guidance throughout the last year. Through your tireless work you have ensured that Musings is a thriving professional blog. Your eloquence and dedication is inspiring, and the Musings team has been so fortunate to have you at the helm. And to Madeline Smolarz, Editor-in-Chief 2015/2016: thank you for your encouragement and advice during my MMSt journey so far. It really makes a difference to have the support of stellar graduates like you.  

A heartfelt thanks to all our supporters, contributors, and readers! Source.
To everyone involved with Musings: Professor Irina Mihalache, for your continued advocacy and support; iSchool faculty and students who read and share our work; and our amazing team of Contributing Editors, both first and second years – thank you. Musings wouldn’t be able to publish thought-provoking reflections without you. To the graduating second years, best of luck in your future endeavours, and thank you for setting such an excellent example for the rest of us!

And finally, a sincere thanks goes out to you, our readers. You are a vital part of the Musings community, and it is only with your support that we are able to share in the dialogue surrounding the museum field. 

Our first year MMSt students will be at their internships at a variety of institutions this summer. Keep an eye out for 
Internship Check-In, where you can read about our students' experiences. Source.

Musings will be on a brief hiatus for the rest of April, but we will return on May 1st with brand new summer content, including our special columns Internship Check-In and The Grad School Guide. Until then, be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. Have a lovely April and we’ll see you in May! 

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