16 April 2018




Your incoming Editors-in-Chief! Left: Kathleen Lew; Right: Amy Intrator.
Photo Courtesy of MUSSA.
Hello Musings readers! We are delighted to introduce ourselves as Musings’ incoming Editors-in-Chief for 2018/2019. That’s right, in Musings’ 5th year and approaching MMSt’s 50th anniversary you get two Editors. 

You may know us from our duo debut with the MUSSA Women and Leadership panel coverage. Amy was previously the Musings Administrator, and a Contributing Editor for the Greatest Hits and Beyond Tradition columns. Kathleen was a Contributing Editor for the She’s My Muse column. We have both immensely enjoyed writing about museums this past year, and we cannot wait to further our involvement on the blog as Editors-in-Chief. Writing for Musings has been a highlight of our MMSt experience thus far, and this is an incredible opportunity to lead the blog that has brought us so many wonderful memories.

We love engaging in dialogue about museums and Musings is an outstanding digital platform to explore writing and social media engagement. We hope to continue to evolve the Musings platform with our own ideas and goals over our term as Editors. 

Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Serena Ypelaar (Center) passes the throne to Kathleen Lew (Left) and Amy Intrator (Right)!
Photo Courtesy of Aurora Cacioppo.
We would like to thank our outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Serena Ypelaar, for her exceptional leadership and guidance throughout the last year. To say we have big shoes to fill would be an understatement! Serena fostered a sense of stability and community for all of the Musings Contributing Editors, and she also built Musings’ digital presence and community engagement. Musings has lost one of our greatest muses, but the museum world just gained a brilliant emerging professional. We can’t wait to see what you do next, Serena!

To the team of individuals Musings relies on: Professor Costis Dallas, for your guidance and support, iSchool faculty and students who read and share our work, and our phenomenal team of Contributing Editors, both first and second years – thank you. Musings wouldn’t be able to publish thought-provoking, dialogue-starting work without you!

To the graduating class, best of luck in future endeavors! Our first-year of the Museum Studies program was shaped by our excellent friends and colleagues in their second year of the program. We have no doubt that the graduating class will make their mark on the museum world, especially after attending some of the fantastic student exhibitions openings!

Finally, thank you to every one of our readers. Musings depends on the dialogue and support of our readers worldwide, and we hope you will all join Musings on our next journey!

Musings will be on a brief hiatus for the rest of April, but starting in May we will return with exciting new content! If you’re interested in the museum internships our students are completing across the country, stay tuned for Internship Check-In. If you’re an incoming Museum Studies student… welcome! Our Grad School Guide column will provide you with some tips and tricks for hacking your first year of the program.

During our brief intermission, keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all your Musings updates, and if you’re really fearing two Musing-less weeks, catch up on a year of phenomenal Musings content! See you all in May!

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